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Your Only Forgotten Funeral CD

Image of Your Only Forgotten Funeral CD

$6.99 - On Sale

The latest release by Not For Now is proving that their creativity and originality has allowed them to evolve into something incredible. By combining consistent energy and intense vocals, the band has developed a clean and powerful sound that is sure to leave the listener wanting more. This item ships worldwide.

Track Listing:
1. Didn't They Tell You?
2. Of Course It Bleeds
3. West Coast 1, East Coast 0
4. All Body Counts End This Way
5. She's Into Existentialism
6. Love Letters Lie
7. A Five Dollar Death Toll
8. Thank Your Undertaker
9. House Calls And Quiet Hearts
10. Still In The Original Box
11. Disgusting
12. The Morgue Hates Sleepovers

THE BAND WILL SIGN EVERY CD PURCHASE! (If you would like it personalized, please make a note of who to make it out to.)